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Just about all the photos published here are my 'visual' notebook. It is often just taking advantage of my day to day errands. Quick snaps of whatever grabs my attention. Sometimes I have a plan. Look for red things, blue things, broken things. Sometimes I want to be around crowds, in train stations, people, old, young, busy, bored, etc. Sometimes, a lot of the time, it's a plan not to have a plan. I'm tired of all the plans we are forced to follow because 'others' think it's a good idea. So with this work I do what I want 100 percent of the time. I've always felt too boxed in by education, culture, rules, opinion, etc. Do what your elders tell you. Follow tradition. Don't upset the apple cart. Hogwash ! This is my time. So long as i'm not hurting anyone I'll do what I want. Ok? Ok.

And this was before :

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